I’m Still Here

The title of this blog post, “I’m Still Here”, has multiple meanings. First, it means that this blog is still here. With my last post being in April, you might have wondered if it would ever be updated again. As for the second reason, read on.

I’m writing on Christmas Eve, in the middle of a very active period for Tracey. You’d have to be cut off from most media to not be aware of the movie version of Into The Woods opening on Christmas Day, in which she plays the mother of Jack of Beanstalk fame. Then there was her stint in The Band Wagon, which had a limited engagement in New York in November. You could almost call this a comeback for her — she could adopt the motto of her character Linda Granger and say “I’m Still Here!”

Christmas Eve also happens to be the anniversary of the passing of her husband Allan, just days shy of their 30th wedding anniversary. Undoubtedly, the joy of the holiday season and of her comeback is tempered by this. But life goes on…

And now, I’d like to wish Tracey a happy birthday next Tuesday (30th) and to wish all of you Happy Holidays, for whatever holiday you’re observing. Happy Hannukah — Merry Christmas — Happy Kwanzaa — and Happy New Year!

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