Tracey returns to TV — in the UK

Well, there was good news this week: Tracey is returning to television in a new series with an old title (but I’m sure it’s not a revival). According to several media reports, including this one from the Guardian, she will be creating and starring in a 6-part series on BBC One in the UK, and it will be called The Tracey Ullman Show. But I’m sure it’s not going to be a revival of the beloved 1980’s show on Fox. According to the story in the Guardian, it will see her portray a number of “diverse and distinct characters living in, or visiting, the busy global hub that is the UK.” Hm, sounds like Tracey Takes On … Britain to me. That’s something I’d be very interested in seeing! As to when it will appear on this side of the Atlantic, who knows? It’s not even clear when it will air over there.

It looks like I may have to invent new acronyms or modify some old ones for this series. I’ve referred to The Tracey Ullman Show (the old one) as TTUS for many, many years. For this new series, I will probably refer to it as TTUS-UK, since that’s where it will originate. Will I start calling the old TTUS TTUS-US? That, I don’t know. I’ve got some time to figure that out.

Anyway, it’s great to know that she’ll be back on TV screens soon, doing what she does best.